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Blood and Bones - Chapter 1

I've finally committed to starting my own webcomic. It's something I've always wanted to do as far back as grade school, but it was such a daunting idea that I'd never get past the first couple of pages. Going into 2021, I was working on character concepts for undead D&D characters and I kept getting ideas for all of the different adventures and scenarios they'd find themselves in. Having an idea that was exciting to me and produced lots of ideas made the idea of doing a comic much more approachable.

My goal isn't to get everything perfect from the start, but to try and learn from my mistakes and try something new with each page. As a result, the first chapter's quality and style are all over the place in terms of consistency. I feel like I'm already improving as I go into chapter 2 and hope that continues forever. Also, starting a patreon and getting even 1 patron was enough to make me stop making excuses and just do more art.

If you want to read these as they come out in batches, I'm uploading them webtoons and tapas.