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Elnarial deGrey - Commission

Commission for a D&D character. He's an elven arcane trickster. Here is the story that I was provided (some of the visual details were tweaked along the way):

"Elnarial deGrey is a middle-aged Elven man. Coming from a family of adventurers, his father before him earned the family a noble title. Elnarial grew up in nobility and has dressed and played the part much better than his father.

Even though, Elnarial lived a life of adventuring as well and has had a rugged adult life. His ears are long and likely has a bit cut out of at least one of them. He has long black hair, though I'm open to styling it however you would like. His beard is trimmed thin and his skin is olive in color. I imagine he has a warm smile on his face most of the time. The deGrey colors are sky blue and yellow, so he would likely have that in his clothing somehow. (I used a crappy house coat of arms generator that ill link after this. You can stylize that however you'd like, but would like it depicted somehow.)

As a class, he is an Arcane Trickster, relying on his dexterity and illusions in his adventuring. I imagine him to have an athletic build, but it is hidden under fine noble clothing. I want him depicted wielding a dirk pointed forward while controlling magic with the other hand. His magic is mostly based around illusion, and I'm unsure how to depict that, so you're free to interpret that how you'd like."